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If you are using a mode whose indentation is provided by SMIE, you can customize the indentation to suit your preferences. You can do this on a per-mode basis (using the option smie-config), or a per-file basis (using the function smie-config-local in a file-local variable specification).

User Option: smie-config

This option lets you customize indentation on a per-mode basis. It is an alist with elements of the form (mode . rules). For the precise form of rules, see the variable’s documentation; but you may find it easier to use the command smie-config-guess.

Command: smie-config-guess

This command tries to work out appropriate settings to produce your preferred style of indentation. Simply call the command while visiting a file that is indented with your style.

Command: smie-config-save

Call this command after using smie-config-guess, to save your settings for future sessions.

Command: smie-config-show-indent &optional move

This command displays the rules that are used to indent the current line.

Command: smie-config-set-indent

This command adds a local rule to adjust the indentation of the current line.

Function: smie-config-local rules

This function adds rules as indentation rules for the current buffer. These add to any mode-specific rules defined by the smie-config option. To specify custom indentation rules for a specific file, add an entry to the file’s local variables of the form: eval: (smie-config-local '(rules)).